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This project is currently in beta.

Many of the core APIs are subject to change, and we do not consider this project "Production Ready" until it hits a 1.0 release. We encourage people to try this library out and provide us feedback as we get it to a stable state we are confident in, but not to rely on it for production use until then.

Read more about our Roadmap to 1.0


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Running the Example Project

To run the example project, first clone this repo:

git clone
cd native-navigation
npm install
npm start

Then, in another CLI window:

To run on iOS: npm run run:ios

To run on Android: npm run run:android


API Documentation

Native Navigation is a navigation library for the React Native platform. There are many navigation libraries in the React Native ecosystem. Native Navigation is unique in that it is built on top of the iOS and Android platform navigational components, and is this more "native" than most other options which implement navigation from scratch in JavaScript on top of base React Native components like View and Animated.

React Native Navigation by Wix engineering is an alternative library that uses "Native" navigation components of each platform, and has been around longer than Native Navigation. If you need a stable / production-ready navigation library today that uses native platform based navigation components, we recommend you check this library out.

If you are investigating navigation solutions and you are okay with JavaScript-based solutions, we also encourage you to check out React Navigation.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.