Getting Started

You can create a react-sketchapp project with skpm, by cloning a ready-made example, or by manually setting up the package.json and manifest.json scripts (advanced usage).

Environment Setup

You will need npm, Node and Sketch.

  • Terminal (if you’re new to the command line, this guide may help)
    • You need to make sure git is installed – type git --version in your Terminal to check if it's installed, if it isn’t, you should be prompted to install via “command line developer tools”.
  • Code editor e.g. VSCode, Atom
  • Node.js & npminstall with Homebrew (or install with Node Version Manager)
  • Sketch
    • requires macOS

Creating a Project With Skpm

Replace my-app with your desired project name:


npm install --global skpm
skpm create my-app --template=airbnb/react-sketchapp # template is a GitHub repo
cd my-app


You can now open my-app in your code editor of choice. You will see a src folder with a manifest.json file and Sketch entrypoint (e.g. my-command.js). If you wish to rename my-command.js, you can do so and update the file name in script in manifest.json

Example modifications (assuming we want to rename the entrypoint file to main.js and don't want to have sub-commands):


  "commands": [
-      "name": "my-command",
+      "name": "My App Name: Sketch Components"
-      "identifier": "my-command-identifier",
+      "identifier": "main",
-      "script": "./my-command.js"
+      "script": "./main.js"
  "menu": {
-    "title": "my-app",
-    "items": [
-      "my-command-identifier"
-    ]
+    "isRoot": true,
+    "items": [
+      "main"
+    ]
+  }

Rendering to Sketch

To render your app to Sketch, open the Sketch application, create a new blank document, then go to your Terminal and run:

# Make sure you've already done `cd my-app`
npm run render

You can pass the target Sketch container layer (i.e. document, group or page object) to the render function in your Sketch plugin entrypoint file, using the Sketch API: render(<App />, sketch.getSelectedDocument().

For more info on rendering to Sketch, see the rendering page.