Lottie vs Android Vector Drawable (AVD)

There are two ways to render After Effects animations:

  1. Export json with Bodymovin and play it with lottie-android.
  2. Export AndroidVectorDrawable xml with Bodymovin and play it using the Android SDK.

Pros of Lottie

  • Supports a much larger set of After Effects features. See supported features for a full list.
  • Manually set progress to hook up an animation to a gesture, event, etc.
  • Download animations from the network.
  • Dynamic playback speed.
  • Masks are anti-aliased.
  • Dynamically change the color of a specific part of an animations

Pros of AnimatedVectorDrawable

  • Faster peformance due to the animation running on the RenderThread vs the main thread.

Bodymovin AVD exporter

Bodymovin can export some animations directly as AVDs if they suit your needs better. To do so, just check the AVD checkbox in the bodymovin settings: AVD This support is very experimental and only supports a subset of the functionality of lottie and avd.