Sizing (px -> dp)

Any pixel values in After Effects will get converted to density independent pixels (points on iOS and dp on Android). For example, if you want an animation to be 24dp x 24dp, the After Effects composition should be 24px x 24px. You can find a list of common screen sizes in dps here.

Masks and Mattes

Masks and mattes on android have the larges performance hit. Their performance hit is also proportional to the intersection bounds of the masked/matted layer and the mask/matte so the smaller the mask/matte, the less of a performance hit there will be. On Android, if you are using masks or mattes, there will be a several X performance improvement when using hardware acceleration.

Hardware Acceleration

Android can render animations with hardware or software acceleration. Hardware acceleration is much faster but has some limitations. The following features have limited support

  • Anti aliasing (API 16+ only)
  • Clip to composition bounds (API 18+ only)
  • Stroke caps (API 19+ only)

For more information, read this.

In general, try your animation with hardware acceleration and use it if it works. You can try toggling it in the sample app.

Render Graph (Android)

The Lottie sample app has a real time render graph that can be enabled from the menu in the top right. Render Graph