Getting started

To get started creating animations for Lottie in After Effects you'll need a few things

1. After Effects

After Effects
Get the latest After Effects from Creative Cloud here.

2. Bodymovin

Download and install the latest version of the Bodymovin Extension for After Effects. Detailed instructions here.

3. Lottiefiles preview app

Lottie preview app
Download the Lottie app on the Google Play Store, or the Lottie preview app on the App Store.

After you're all setup with those three things, check out our general tips. Since not all After Effects features are supported see our supported features list. Lastly check out some workflow overviews in our SVG/Sketch to Lottie walkthrough or our Illustrator to Lottie walkthrough

😍 Additional goodies 😍

All of these goodies are Highly recommended. They arent essential, because you can still create for Lottie whtout them. But your workflow will be significantly faster and better with these extra tools.

Explode shape layers is a fantastic tool created by Zack Lovatt for after effects that helps in the conversion of illustrator files to shape layers.

Sketch2AE is an amazing new tool from Adam Plouff and the Google SUMux team. It assists in bringing artwork from Sketch to After Effects

Parametric converter made by Kyle Martinez converts bezier shapes to parametric shapes. Its super helpful when you have an illustrator file that has elipses or rectangles as paths, and you need them converted to the parametric shapes with size controls etc.