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.reduce(fn[, initialValue]) => Any

Applies the provided reducing function to every node in the wrapper to reduce to a single value. Each node is passed in as a ShallowWrapper, and is processed from left to right.


  1. fn (Function): A reducing function to be run for every node in the collection, with the following arguments:

    • value (T): The value returned by the previous invocation of this function
    • node (ShallowWrapper): A wrapper around the current node being processed
    • index (Number): The index of the current node being processed
  2. initialValue (T [optional]): If provided, this will be passed in as the first argument to the first invocation of the reducing function.


T: Returns an array of the returned values from the mapping function...


function Foo() {
  return (
      <Bar amount={2} />
      <Bar amount={4} />
      <Bar amount={8} />
const wrapper = shallow(<Foo />);
const total = wrapper.find(Bar).reduce((amount, n) => amount + n.prop('amount'));